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Primo Danger started as the solo project of the founder, songwriter & vocalist Phillip Jackson who combined the influences of punk and indie rock  to create a volatile yet accessibly emotive and connectable sound. After releasing his debut single Through the Cracks in December 2018 and his sophomore single Found Out in February 2019, Phillip Jackson set out to form Primo Danger. Grade school friend Austin Vanbebber (drums) became an obvious choice. Shortly after their reunion, guitarists Shane O’Barr and Patrick Lewis were found in a matter of 3 days on Craigslist. Shane had played in a band with Blue (bass) previously, introduced him to the band and after one band practice, he became a solid member. 


Under Primo Danger’s exuberantly high-octane style, they’ve orchestrated bitingly distorted aural escapism which any fans of Indie, Punk, and everything in between will find catharsis within.

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